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Retraining of municipal staff
Retraining of municipal staff

Remote consulting system of local authorities

In the framework of federal program of local self government state supply the Institute of Local Self Government developed remote consulting system of local authorities. At any time you can easy access necessary information by the following issues:

  • Federal legislation of local self government,
  • Regional legislation of local self government,
  • Rule-making in municipalities,
  • Complex development of municipalities,
  • Performance of municipal economic,
  • Municipal property management,
  • Municipal finance management,
  • Staff management and organization of municipal service,
  • Organization of work with the people,
  • Office work in municipality.
The Laboratory of economic analysis together with the Institute of Local Self Government offers studying by the programs of remote professional retraining of municipal staff

The structure of the program:

Name of courseVolume in hours)Cost ($)
1Basics of self government78120
2Rule-making in municipalities132150
3Municipal property management132150
4Organization of municipal service132150
5Complex development of municipalities132180

At present time the Lab is developing a cycle of seminars by relevant problems of urban economics:

  • Strategy of urban development,
  • Housing and public utilities reform,
  • Insurance medicine,
  • Education economics.
A textbook "Municipal government" by prof P. Orekhovsky was issued (from the series "The municipal staff library", Moscow public scientific fond, 1999, 117 p.).

State and municipal government is a new specialty in Russia. Territorial and industrial planning, public utilities economics, government itself and other special disciplines are separate and volumetric courses. State standards of this discipline suggest to study office work in municipality only. It often gives rise to criticism from professionals. The author of the given textbook took into account both requests from professionals and requirement of state standard.

In the textbook various issues of urban management are brought together: building, public utilities, social sphere, economics and finance. Training cases and tests are given after each topic.

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