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In Russian version of the site news (hyperlinks to reviews, opinions, articles) about this sector of the national economy are being posted. We beleive that they are interesting only for Russian-speaking people. So see main publications of the Laboratory's researchers under this subject:

  1. Kostyushina E., Kryuchkov V., Orekhovsky P. Housing and public utilities reform: townsfolk's expectations and awareness (by the example of Omsk)
    Journal "Urban management", 2, 1998

  2. Orekhovsky P. Housing problem in Russian economy under transition
    Journal "Urban management", 4, 1998

  3. Orekhovsky P., Hokhlova O. Cost analysis of municipal undertaking of housing maintenance. Costing systems and rent accounting in Kirovski okrug of Omsk
    Journal "Municipal economy", 1, 2000

  4. Orekhovsky P., Slesarev D. Public utilities tariffs reform and public utility companies' efficiency in Obninsk, Malojaroslavets and Zhukov (Kaluga region)
    Analytical report for the grant of Moscow Public Scientific Foundation, 2001

  5. Slesarev D. The comparative analysis of Russian and foreign local public utilities companies
    Journal "Urban management", 4, 2002

  6. Slesarev D. The comparative analysis of tariff policy different variants during reform of housing and public utilities in Russia (by the example of Obninsk)
    Journal "Municipal economy", 2, 2000

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