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At present time Russian mass media market is inert and stagnant; MM loses society's trust; professional ethics is lacking. Mass media is a sphere of permanent property revision. Journalistic community declares that there's no freedom of speech in a number of regions. The consequence of the so called "fourth power" can be discussed only conformably to the central TV channels. Journalistic investigations in printed (especially provincial) periodical are being considered only in contemptuous tone - "sink of discredit". All these features contrast with the hopes of the late eighties and early nineties when circulations of periodical went up, many talented journalists appeared, new popular periodicals were created.

Listed problems underlay the research project of the Laboratory of Economic Analysis. The purpose of the project is to study and describe real mechanisms of the informational market actors functioning as well as the mass media market in the Russian provinces itself. At the same time similar investigations are being conducted by our partners in Kazan and Omsk. Active working on the project started in summer 2003, although single problems were studied earlier. The project is now in the stage of realization, however we hope to achieve final results till the end of 2004 - beginning of 2005. Therefore it is correct to speak about preliminary conclusions and appraisals, which can be revised later on.

Read the report of P. Orekhovsky "Printed media economics in city and region and the institution of freedom of speech in the Russian Federation"

and the article of V. Polenkov "The efficiency of advertising at a local market".

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