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The laboratory of Economic Analysis presents the series of seminars "The modern methods of analysis, planning and management of companies"

The announced series of seminars call attention of top-managers to the basics of effective activity. It is not a panacea from financial troubles or an instrument to earn "easy money".

Russian managers and businessmen master with modern managerial cant and easily talk about deviation management, purpose management, strategic planning, controlling or marketing. But actually all these sonorous words are not filled with real sense for them. Our specialists are unaware of procedures of decision making, control or market research. That is why management of our companies remains the same as twenty years ago. And finally all management intricacies reduce to making up a qualitative balance.

Nowadays many of Russian companies are not able to conduct deliberate price policy because they can not pick out production costs of detached goods or subdivision costs. As usual there are no controlling systems in our companies.

It is not possible to change this situation by training specialists only - top-managers should understand the matter in details. Hence this series of seminars reckon both on top-managers and specialists. Both abstract concepts and specific managerial actions which let to introduce these concepts into company's activity are being discussed.

Full program of six seminars appears to be logically secluded and makes it possible for the listeners to develop a system of controlling in their companies. Nevertheless each of the seminars has its own practical value and can be mastered separately.

While offering this series of seminars, we are trying to create an integral scheme which involves analysis and control of company's activity as well as changing of employees' motivation and aspects of company's behavior connected with implantation of innovations.

Theme of the seminarTheoretical studies (hours)Practical studies (hours)Total length (days)
1. Effectiveness of organizational system. The idea of controlling. Accounting of materials, labour and overhead expenses1683
2. Control accounts. Different systems of cost calculation12123
3. Measurement of incomings and costs for decision making10102
4. Finance planning: different types of estimates. Cash flow management10102
5. Participative methods of management: changing of employees’ and managers’ motivation10102
6. Methods of forecasting and management of innovations in the sector10102

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